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samoinstalacni balicek from IOL

adangol (13.7.2004 13:08:49)

Just do it yourself! Where and how to put the Username and password? What about the DNS? You should find it yourself all this info. If you're not IT guy the product is not for you. They should change the name to samoinstalacni balicek for IT Specialists. Free support line wait for few hours or days before you get through. Paid helpline? You guys must be joking. All the information they have is: internet – konfigurace připojení Podle dokumentace výrobce k ADSL modemu proveďte jeho konfiguraci a vyplňte přihlašovací údaje, které jste obdrželi při zakoupení samoinstalačního balíčku. Služby Internet Expres a Internet Broaband jsou připraveny a vaše práce nebo zábava na internetu může začít. Blahopřejeme. Hope these guys in IOL make it easier for the users.

karel (13.7.2004 14:49:22)

well its true that you have to know a little bit about computers to get it working, but on the other hand, its not as hard as you think.

Petr (13.7.2004 19:03:16)

Yes, Karel is right. Just connect cables according to the picture in manual, insert CD into drive, choose English as a language and follow instruction. Unless you need to set up special functions, the installation is really easy, usually choosing default choice. Just try it.

adangol (13.7.2004 22:29:21)

I guess the cd doesn't auto run in Macintosh. Well the installation was easy for me (I work in IT) but what about a normal user? Do you think they can handle this?

Anonym (14.7.2004 06:18:38)

Normal user without confidence to successful installation himself shouldn't use "Samoinstalacni balicek". These user should either ask someone for help or pay additional for installation by IT professionals.

Anonym (14.7.2004 13:19:49)

I guess that ,,normal user" in czech republic use PC.Situation about when normal user uses Mac is possible only in USA or UK where Macs are used much more. In czech republic is Mac minority hw platform. Mac in CZ are notably used in graphics and design studios. Its possible that Ctc do some install manuals for linux rather than Mac.

Zajda (14.7.2004 10:26:32)

What is the normal user? That is the question:) You must know something about computers. This is necessary. For example if i want to warm up food i must know how to control microwave oven;) Where you enter Username and password depend on type of your modem. Addresses of DNS servers is assigned automaticaly when PPP connection go up. Default settings many modems or routers are with enabled DHCP server. Normal user only connect cable to modem and to NIC, reboot or manually refresh settings. Situation is diferrent when you have USB modem.These modems are software depedend devices. If some part of modem driver instalacion or USB host controller fail, you have real problem. It cause headache of many uh.. as you wrote ,,IT guys" on helplines. In selfinstall packages must be a paper where is how to enter username and password. I find it every new CTc selfinstall package. Paid helpline is really joke. I also asking why helpline isnt toll-free? This is one from bullshits presented by Czech telecom.CTc want more money no more pleased customers.

Hrnec (14.7.2004 13:25:23)

Zajdo mozna bys tu anglictinu mel radsi nechat to brrrr czenglish

Zajda (14.7.2004 13:51:36)

To je IT english:) Je to anglictina manualu ktery ctu cely zivot(vetsina stejnak v cestine nikdy nevysla).Takze grammar neni moje silna stranka. Jinou neznam. O gramatickou prevychovu se pokousela stredni skola. Nutno priznat ze neuspesne:/ Nez abych se zabyval gramatikou tak radsi placnu we are running out of bandwidth nez se zabyvat tim ze ten bandwidth nemame:) Ale normalne tak komunikuju se spravci siti pobocek v USA. Spis jsem kolikrat prekvapen kolikrat postrada jejich anglina spravne gramaticke jevy. Tak tak mluvim. Nebat se mluvit to je je hlavni v jazyce.Konverzsovat a konverzovat. Gramatika je to posledni;) Znal jsem kdysi jednoho cloveka kterej si taky rikal Hrnec. Give me some info. Over.