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Nextra Vs. CT

adangol (13.7.2004 22:34:36)

I ordered ADSL for someone I know in February from Nextra. It might sound funny but neither Nextra nor CT can explain to me why its still not functional. Anyone with such experience?

Jolinar (13.7.2004 23:04:14)

There are propably two reasons : 1. Your line from Czech Telecom doesnt support ADSL technology and you are waiting for instalation of DSLam on exchange. or 2. You are in range of ADSL technology, but the DSLam is full and you are still waiting for more free ports.

martin (14.7.2004 12:36:02)

And third reason is, that Czech Telecom sux. You are in Czech Republic, so it is only random and luck, that you find something that is functional in time :-)

Jolinar (14.7.2004 16:56:41)

Yep :oD