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ALON (26.9.2004 19:35:09)

HELLO. I am here in prague (from netherland) and i want to have qweekly internet at my home (i have not cable in my house). so, do you have here in prague adsl? is it possibole to order adsl in the centrum of prague? i want to have minimaly 3000/250 adsl, and with price not more than 80 $ (this is waht i pay in netherland), and i want to have it 1/15 (agrageation) like i had. is it possibole to get it in prague? Thank you verry much. Alon, Nice day to every one! :)

MeTo (26.9.2004 19:39:07)


Kate (26.9.2004 20:17:48) came from a developed country to the Czech Republich and you should not forget it ;) Never forget it!! What you want for that price is in my opinion I right? Look here (the very top link on the menu called: Nabidky pripojeni) and check the offers and prices (eg there is an offer: Contactel 2048/384 1:20 for 4400CZK/months without VAT which is at least twice as much as your desired amount :)

ALON (26.9.2004 20:29:56)

Tahnk you Kate. I have got a shoke...:)) I dont belive... I wanted to look my tv chanell from amstrdam via internet IP, but i need for it min' 2000/150... Why is it so ecspenisve?

MeTo (26.9.2004 20:34:43)

You are in the Czech Rep., out of the modern civilization :) Forget it :) If you want to have better connection, there is only one solution : Move out :)

Arny (26.9.2004 20:35:11)

Jesus, guy, you want something, what doesn´t exist here yet. In my opinion - it´s a long way to the speed you want. The Czech Republic has been only discovering the world of DSL in this time. We have two kinds of agr.: 1/50 (speed 512/128 and 1024/256, data limits and realy rough FUP) and 1/20 (256/64,512/128 and 1024/ Fair User Policy, no data limits) and some special offer by Telenor network. Good luck!

Anonym (26.9.2004 21:16:04)

Trapnej žert. Takhle strašnou angličtinu by Holanďan nepoužil ani po otřesu mozku.

nick (27.9.2004 15:58:21)

musis brat v potaz, ze spousta pisatelu do tohodle fora by svou inteligenci tomu otresu mozku odpovidala ;)) nick

Anonym (27.9.2004 17:26:23)

JO asi máš pravdu, slovíčko qweekly fakt nevim co je i když se znažím sebevíc. Nemělo to být náhodou quickly?

svk boi (26.9.2004 21:54:27)

in prague its not a such trageda.....reall problem is more on the east......i live in slovakia.........AND THAT IS A tragedy:DDD 256/64 for almost 1000Sk(850CZK) dont laught too much pls......bye

MeTo (26.9.2004 21:57:43)

Yes, but it is worth it, because it is working :) Without stupid FUP or something like that.

Hans Krtkowitz (26.9.2004 21:58:18)

Das ist unmöglich. So teuer? Bei uns, in der BRD haben wir xDSL sogar ganz frei!!!!!!!! (Agregation 1:1) Ihr könnt nur neiden! Böhmen leben noch in der Steinernzeit! Und wohnen an den Bäumen. lol Euer westlicher Nachbar aus Europa

nick (27.9.2004 16:01:37)

OMG! ROFL! Here? In this banana country? lol! for example: 512/128, 1:50 (agregation), 10GB limit-> 40USD 1024/256, 1:50, 20GB limit-> 60USD so which one is yours? :) nick